About MCN

Who we are:

Founded in 2015, Muslim Canadian News (MCN) curates news stories that relate to Canadians of the Muslim faith. Our content can be of use to anyone. For example:

  •  academics; students, researchers, professors.
  • politicians/public servants; MPs, MPPs, MLAs, those working for the various municipalities, provinces, territories and the federal government.
  • community members; religious institutions, community associations etc.

And most importantly,

YOU, yes you! Much of our media is focused on sensationalization. “If it bleeds, it leads”. This is NOT MCN’s philosophy. News is meant to be informative. Not overwhelming. With the increased negativity found in our news and social media, MCN believes it is important to reinforce and highlight positive narratives of Muslim Canadians.


Our Vision: 

At MCN, we strive to provide a space where our readers can learn, be informed and consume content that will be of value to them every day. Our motto is ‘Be in the know. NOW.’