Dispelling myths about Islam

Born and raised here, the outreach secretary for the Sarnia Muslim Association spent her formative years in the city attending school, volunteering in the community and – after an eight-year […]

Un ramadan sur une plaie ouverte

L’arrivée du ramadan lui rappelle cependant aujourd’hui l’immense absence de son mari.« Pendant le ramadan, on priait ensemble. On rompait le jeûne ensemble. Je suis très heureuse que ma mère et […]

What About the Terrorism of the Far Right?

The frequency of far-right attacks is particularly significant in the United States, where white supremacist, anti-government and neo-Nazi extremists have been responsible for 73 percent of deadly terrorist attacks since […]

I’m Not Your Kind of Muslim

Meanwhile, in Canada, we have a prime minister who makes every Muslim swoon when he says “As-salam-walaykum” in his videos marking religious events such as Ramadan and Eid. The same […]